Bathtime and Boobs

19 Jan

Get your mind out of the gutter.. this is a baby blog.

I just wanted to mention Braxtyn’s first real bath. I think it was about a week or 2 after he came home from the hospital. And he did surprisingly well. He just sat there chillin, sucking on his binky. I was shocked. I thought babies were like cats and hated water. The only time he cried was transferring him from the tub to his warm, hooded towel.

Although there was one little snag. Poor guy. He’s not going to like me very much for telling everyone. He peed.

In his mouth.

I didn’t know those things could aim that high by themselves! Apparently they can.

Let’s talk nicknames. For some reason I can not stop calling Braxtyn, Boo Boo. It just sticks. I try calling him Brax every once in a while but keep coming back to Boo Boo. I call him Boo Boo so much that I’ve shortened it (not purposely either) and the nickname for his nickname is just not working out.

Boobs. Yah. I know. I can not call my little boy BOOBS. It has to stop. He needs a new nickname. HELP, please! 🙂

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