To Boppy or not to Boppy, that is the question.

20 Jan

Yay! For the second night in a row Braxtyn has slept for 9 hours straight. I’m starting to wonder if it’s because the past 2  nights when I’ve put him in his pack and play, he’s been in his Boppy also….?

OMG. He’s not laying flat. On a firm surface. Such a bad mommy.

Please. He’s strapped in, and 6 inches from my bed. He’s just fine. And if it means he’ll sleep like that every night- then that’s that 🙂

The only thing I’m worried about is if he gets in the habit of sleeping all cushy on an incline. Then it might not be such a smooth transition to his crib. (Although that’s not going to be anytime soon.) ((Even though the video monitor is all set up- the other side of the house is just too, too far for me right now.))

Hi guys! I poopy in my pants last night!
It was messy.
It went everywhere.

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