OTT 3.16

16 Mar

Well sorta- because this is more about my neurotic OCDness than anything else.

I’ve been bitching to no one in particular latley about how my once beautifully decorated house (well, I thought  it was pretty well decked out) is now beautifully decorated with baby stuff.

Baby swings, bumbos, boppys, jumperoos, and exersaucers. Not to mention toys, stuffed animals, binks and burp rags. It’s exhausting just looking at it.

So yesterday while Braxtyn was taking an unheard of !!!2 hour nap!!! I took it upon myself to start chucking shit into the garbage neatly putting candles/vases/glass jars/and other random knick knacks (gawd- I hate the word knick knacks, it reminds me of small glass cats and hummel figurines) into a box. That seemed to help a bit.

I also moved the coffee table out of the way. Sitting in the middle of the living room surrounded by play mats and boppy chairs was just not working out; plus come time to “trying to standup & walk” it will only prove as a hazard, with it’s sharp wooden corners at just the right height and all. It now sits against a wall stocked with ::surprise:: baby toys.

I’ll just be glad when we are able to move to a slightly bigger house and by then little B will be old enough to have a playroom and we will shove all that crap- errr… toys & fun, in there.

This is what I see

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