First time

23 Mar

So today was the first time Braxtyn has been outside for realsies. Normally he goes straight into his car seat wrapped in his Bundle Me to wherever we are going. I did happen to bring him out on the deck a few weeks ago when it was freakishly warm; we were out there for ohhhhh I’d say maybe 60-90 seconds, and when I brought him back in the house his little, pale face was all red and splotchy ::so sad:: I told him he wasn’t going back outside until we got him a sun hat and sunglasses. (I think he has sensitive eyes like his mommy who wears sunglasses even when it’s cloudy.)

Today I figured it was nice enough to be outside for a few minutes, so I wrapped him in the Moby, put on his hat and glasses and took him for a tour of the backyard. I don’t think he was very impressed… I wouldn’t be either by the way- just a bunch of dead grass and some trees. But now he knows where that furry thing that sometimes comes in the house to hang out spends most of her time.

Super stylin’

Getting some sun.
Oh, & please don’t judge my Moby’s wrap job. He’s a squirmmer, and as long as he’s secure, I don’t care.

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