Be afraid. Be very afraid.

6 May

I don’t know why, but my baby likes getting scared. Scratch that- he loves getting scared. It’s the strangest thing.

A few weeks ago while Brax was on the verge of throwing a fit I asked my husband where Sophie the Giraffe was, all the while trying to cheer my baby up before he started an all out tantrum. I used my “scary” voice (?? I know ??) hoping that would delay his tears.

Ummm yah. It did. He started laughing like a little maniac.

He loves it when you sneak up behind him and say, RAWRRRR I’M GONNA GEEEEET YOOOOOU! It’s the funniest thing in the entire world to him. I don’t know if him not being scared of anything (except when mommy leaves his line of view) is a good thing or a bad thing. But at least for now, I know how to make him laugh in .2 seconds.

Thinking about getting one of these for him.
Or is this taking it a little too far? Yah? Probably.

Couldn’t pass up this little gem I stumbled across… — powered by


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