Summer is here

1 Jun

So this past holiday weekend I don’t know if me and the husband were actually extremely insane brave, or what, but we decided to not only bring Braxtyn to the beach for the very first time, but to also bring Raja with us. Now, if you know anything about our dog- I’m sure you will say we were crazy. Trying to handle an infant & a hyper active dog out at the beach in 80+ degree heat is just asking for the stress levels to rise. Much to our surprise though, Raja behaved pretty well. ((Of course, we weren’t crazy enough to let her off her leash. She may have felt a little left out since about 99% of the other dogs weren’t attached to their owners- but Raja has a habit of running 70 miles per hour while looking behind her and we really didn’t feel the need to have the added stress of worrying about her mowing down a small child.))

Braxtyn was such a good boy, no crying, no poo poo diapers, he just smiled & laughed & tried to eat his toes.

50 SPF baby lotion + sun hat + umbrella = a good time for Baby B.

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