Adventures in home made baby food

17 Jun

So Braxtyn’s pedi gave us the go ahead to start on meats. My first thought was, you poor thing. She explained about the jarred baby food meat and how there are different combination’s with added fruits and vegetables. But there is no way I am feeding my baby meat from a jar. I already make his other food home made, so why not this? I would just like to add that Wholesome Baby is the best site to get baby food recipes, this is where I get all my tips and directions from.

We are going to try chicken first. I baked the chicken in the oven and refrigerated it until it was cold. Blended until powdery, added some water and blended more. This is the result:

Mmmm, yummy- I know.

Then I separated the chicken into two dishes. I added my home made sweet potato puree to one, and applesauce to the other. (The applesauce wasn’t home made, but shhhh!)

Chicken with apples on the right/chicken with sweet potatoes on the left.

I’m not going to lie: I tried it. I had to… I can’t just blindly make smashed up chicken mush for my child and then justify “making”  him eat it without my knowing what it tastes like. I have to say though, it wasn’t that bad. It sort of reminded me of Thanksgiving.

Now the real test will be if he likes it. Stay tuned.

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