Hi, my name is Braxtyn, and I’m a binkaholic

28 Jul

For the past few weeks Brax has been a binky addict. I don’t know what it is all of a sudden but he always, always, always needs to have his bink in his mouth.

And to think, we were so close to having him weaned to the point where he only needed it to fall asleep. But now, it’s attached to him 24/7. It’s gotten so bad that I told my husband he’s like a smoker. You know how a lot of smokers will get done eating and the first thing they do is light up? Well, the first thing Braxtyn does when he gets done with a bottle is whip his head around from side to side, searching for the pacifier. He will literally lunge right out of your arms if he sees it lying there and you’re not sticking it in his mouth immediately after he’s done eating.

He eats his bottle, burps, then sticks his bink in his mouth.

Why do I feel like we are going backward???

Shining example #1:

(Trying to get him to crawl… can’t leave the bink behind on this mission)


(This is actually a double whammy. On a side note though: How stinkin’ cute do they look having a little sleepover on the floor??)

and #3:

(I guess this is pretty legit since I was trying to get him to fall asleep. But still.)

I mean, don’t get me wrong- I know it’s all our fault. ::Sigh::

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