This is how I shower

5 Aug

Seeing as how Braxtyn has this new-found freedom of crawling, he doesn’t like to be confined to his exersaucer, swing, jumperoo, etc. for more than about 5 minutes at a time. This means his Pack n Play has officially become a play pen yard (they don’t call them “pens” anymore, apparently those are reserved for dogs only). Which also means my husband should have listened to me when I told him we needed a changing table/dresser contraption because I knew the day would come when we would have to take the top shelf out of the PnP (aka: the changing table) & convert it to a play area. But, whatevs.

I can’t very well have him crawling around the bedroom while I’m getting ready for work- and this gives him less restriction than his once beloved exersaucer.

One Response to “This is how I shower”

  1. Keara August 13, 2010 at 11:37 pm #

    what a darling

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