OTT…. Sunday?

6 Sep

An Off Topic Sunday? Well yes, I feel this is worthy. Maybe it has something to do with the ::::HORN:::: on my car NOT working!!! dhfjkdhfk BEEP BEEP dhfkdslfjkl!

Seriously, think about it. When do you really need the horn on your car?

Not when that 16-year-old innocently turns in front of you. Yet, I’ve used it for that.

Not when that 80-year-old woman takes a left instead of a right. Yep, that too.

No. It’s when the van who is in the lane NEXT to you decides that your lane looks pretty BEEPING good to them, and even though you are meer inches behind them, they must get in your lane immediately. Oh- and you have a baby in your car. OH- and he’s sleeeeeeping!! For the first time in like, 3 days. Yah. Then.

Am I invisible?

Cuz honestly this is the second time in 1 month that some BEEP hole has tried to cut me off- WITH my child in my car, and ummm, run me off the road.

Let me start at the beginning and say that it has been a good 2 years since my horn has worked…. yah, I have this thing called “road rage” and I used to use it a lot. But HELLLLOOO, you are a 2000 purple Dodge NEON! (BTW- come tax time next year you are SOOOO getting replaced with a new SUV so Nah Nah Nah A BOO BOO!) You are supposed to stand by me through the good times & the bad. And you have really let me down on the “bad”.

When I needed you the most HORN, you weren’t there for me. So, BEEP you!

Instead, I ended up laying on the so-called-horn- which by the way, sounds like a dying cow, ((that only I can hear)) – while screaming “Whatthebeepareyoudoingyoubeepingpieceofbeepihaveababyinhere!!!”

Yah… that didn’t wake up my lack-of-nap baby.

(& it didn’t! And for that, you van-cutter-offer- you are one lucky son of a BEEP.)

Instead, I end up slamming on my brakes, BARELY missing you. Why?? Why am I the one barely missing you when you cut me off?!? ((Can you not tell I’m pissed about this still? I’ve become such a mama bear since I’ve been a mother that the slightest thing sets me off when it comes to my child’s safety.))

&, I know I said I would lay off the curse words around my child…… but I’ll start tomorrow.

My horn wasn’t working today.


(Not an actual picture, ((obviously)) but I thought some visual effects of what COULD have happened would be nice)

(Do you know what whip lash could do to an infant??? Inconsiderate BEEP holes…)

2 Responses to “OTT…. Sunday?”

  1. Brianna September 7, 2010 at 2:26 am #

    I don’t know how anyone could not have road rage. There are so many dumb drivers out there that just need to be swore at. Er, um, politely told to please not do that again. I might die if Griffin’s first words are “Bleepin go already!”. Perhaps I will start using a better filter tomorrow too… 😉

    • ellejay419 September 7, 2010 at 2:06 pm #

      I know, and I swear I am always the target of those dumb ones that don’t look over their shoulder!!
      Anyway, I guess the only thing you can do it *try* to be nice 😉

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