26 Sep

What is up with all this drool? I know B is teething and everything but

He stopped wearing a bib 24/7 quite a few months ago, ever since he stopped with the 24/7 spitting up. But now it’s 24/7 drool. Like- major drool. Like- dog quality drool. Slimy, and messy and tons of it. I’m constantly having to change his outfit because it ends up all down his chin & neck, and then completely drenches his shirt and sometimes even the tops of his pants. It’s so much drool that after a couple of hours his clothes start to smell weird. Like, musty.

Ew! (I should clarify that I really mean “ew” in the most sweetest way possible. I know it’s an inevitable baby thing.) ((& obviously anyone who knows me knows I can’t keep my hands off my baby, I love him so. Drooly-ness and all. Forever & ever. Amen.))

I’ve tried putting a bib on him but he is so not into wearing those cloth bibs anymore. He just rips them right off and goes on his drooly merry way.

What to do… what to do… such a dilemma.

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