Things to make note of:

8 Oct

1: I’m pretty sure B will be walking very soon.

Today I caught him trying to walk from one dining room chair to the other. He didn’t know I was watching him until I yelled, “YAY! Big boy!!!!” & then fell…

Also, he’s started standing up all by himself aka: nothing to hold  on to/lean on to help push him up. Just doing it all by himself in the middle of the room and taking a few steps.

2: Braxtyn does not like tuna fish.

I created a monster a couple of months ago when I started giving B a taste of everything I was eating. So now when breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack time rolls around for mommy or daddy B is scrambling up to our chairs, begging much like Raja bear does, for a taste of our food.

Well- he looooves everything. & I mean E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. The child is a bottomless pit when it comes to food. But, not this evening.

I was eating some Mac & Cheese (Organic thankyouverymuch) with some tuna mixed in. B comes crawling over to me and I dip my finger in the sauce and tuna to let him taste.

I stick it in his mouth and he gives me the most horrid look I’ve ever seen him give. He’s still rolling his tongue around (probably trying to get rid of it) when he starts shaking his head “no” back and forth. I laughed SO hard!

That was the end of the begging. He will usually try to get as many “samples” from me as he can when I’m eating- but tonight, he was DONE.

He did try crawling back over and I thought he wanted a second go at it (nope, was just trying to get me to come play with him) so I held out my finger with the tuna mush on it and as soon as it got close enough for him to smell he made a scrunchy little “no” face and backed up. I was just completely shocked since the little guy has always been enamored with everything we have ever given him.

So yah- tuna’s a no go.

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