Table food, here we come

3 Dec

Well, it’s official. B is getting weaned off his formula now. I don’t know why I find it so nerve-wracking.

Actually, I do.

It’s because now I’m actually going to have to think about what I’m feeding him to make sure he gets all the right vitamins and nutrients he needs. It totally freaks me out. It’s been so simple to just feed him his bottles and give him puree’s with cereal everyday. & I’m not saying my husband and I don’t eat healthy buuuut, well.. the majority of  food we do eat is the frozen kind you throw in the microwave :-/

I mean, what am I supposed to do when we eat tacos? Throw one in the food steamer for the baby?? Hah, I am so pathetically clueless. Alright, alright- I wouldn’t really do that.. I don’t think.

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