Snot nose and smiles

8 Jan

Braxtyn has been sick the past few days, and you would never even know it if it weren’t for the vomiting…

Ok, and the runny nose & congestion. I mean really though- he is such a happy baby, even when he is sick. Laughing, smiling, running around and playing. Such a good baby in fact, that I’m actually glad he was throwing up- or I never would have brought him to the doctor and found out that he also has a double ear infection.

Plus he is teething.

No fever though, so I never would have guessed he was so miserable. Poor little guy. He can’t keep any food down and despises the Pedialyte that we are giving to him one ounce at a time. I just hope he gets better soon because he can’t exactly afford to lose any weight. & lucky for mommy, shes been sick the past couple days also so she got to stay home and take care of herself and the sick little man. Damn! There should be a medal for this.

One Response to “Snot nose and smiles”

  1. loveruels2011 January 8, 2011 at 10:13 am #

    aww poor little guy! I hope you two get better quickly!!

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