I’m gonna GET YOU !!

10 Feb

Mommy + camera + the words, “I’m gonna get you” =

….& we’re off!

run, run, run

Wielding a plastic coffee pot is his only defense..

Enough, mommy!!! Enough!!

“STOP! Hammer time!”

“You can’t touch this.”

& then he ends up jumping into the table-cloth/place mat storage area

and he’s like, “I’m cute. Chase me around with your camera every day mama.”

And on a totally UNRELATED side note: I noticed something recently. When I get the hiccups, I get them in threes. (This, I’ve noticed in myself for years) I know it sounds weird- but I always get them in threes! Like- I just had them a few minutes ago- that’s why I was reminded of this. But then I’m like, “I’m totally gonna get them either one more time tonight and then once tomorrow… or two more times tomorrow. It just always. happens. that. way. STRANGE, I know. Is there a weird name for that? (Someone Google it, please.) Because, I notice when Braxtyn gets the hiccups, they come in threes like mine. No lie. I used to think I was crazy when I got the hiccups cuz they came in threes but now that baby toddler B gets them in threes I now know I’m no longer alone in my weird tri-hiccup cult.

One Response to “I’m gonna GET YOU !!”

  1. Brianna February 10, 2011 at 8:48 am #

    Haha, he is too cute. I love the one of him UNDER the cupboard!

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