Signs I’m not willing to let go of babyhood:

17 Feb

*Braxtyn is still on the bottle. (I give him a couple different types of sippy cups with water in them once in a while, but all he’s interested in doing with them is tipping them over and pounding them on the floor, the t.v. table, the couch, and getting a mess of water EVERYWHERE.) ((Which is also why I stopped putting milk in them.))

*He’s still in his infant car seat. BUT- in all fairness, he still fits the guidelines! It supports up to 22 pounds and he is at 20. So there.

*He’s still addicted to his bink. & I am soooo not ready to take that away yet. I’m dreading it. Dreading, dreading, dreading. *sigh*

*His teeth. Through no fault of anyones but mother nature, he still only has 2 teeth at almost 15 months. His 2 bottoms… sooo cute. It makes him look like such a baby baby 😉 Although, I can see the 2 tops coming in- finally! Maybe that will somehow help me transition into his toddlerhood better. Maybe.

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