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12 Mar

Braxtyn had his 15 month check up a couple of weeks ago. (I know, I’ve slacked on updating this.) He’s  still in the 10th percentile for weight, but seeing as how he hasn’t dropped down- which according to his pedi is something a lot of children tend to do around this age span, its nothing to worry about. Like I said- the kid likes to eat. Everything.

I’m just now starting to pack away his 6-9 month tops. Yup, at 15 months he is finally outgrown them. The only challenges I’ve had with his clothes are the pants. Jeans in the 6-12 month size fit him pretty good around the waist (a little loose still) but depending on the brand- sometimes it looks like he’s waiting for a flood. Poor lil guy. 12 month jeans are waaay too big around the waist, so please, if you see him out and about with his “pedal pushers” on, do not laugh 😉

He’s just about gotten both of his 2 top teeth in which makes a total of 4 teeth. Yay for teeth.

Vocab? We have the “momma”, “mom”, “dadda” (all of which he has been saying forever), “thank you” (my child WILL have manners, thankyouverymuch), and “uh-oh/uh-uh” are the two/three? new words. I’ve tried very hard not to give him his bink 24/7. I think it will help a lot in the long run with the talking situation. He may not be saying a lot but he sure does understand a WHOLE lot. The kid is a smarty pants.

Still on the bottle but we’ve been doing good with sippy cups. He’s been getting into and climbing onto/under/over everything. I swear this kid is going to give me a heart attack any day now. People really weren’t kidding when they said, once you have a child you will never breathe easy again. Never.

One Response to “What’s new”

  1. Brianna March 12, 2011 at 7:54 pm #

    Love the new blog design! What a little peanut B is, how cute! I can’t believe he’s just now outgrowing the 6-9 month shirts. It seems like we’ve been wearing 18-24 for months now.

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