I’m *so* observant

21 Mar


I feel like the biggest dum-dum around. Braxtyn has had his 2 front bottom teeth for a while now. Finally about a month and a half ago he started getting in his 2 front top teeth. Well, a couple of weeks ago he started sticking his whole hand in his mouth and gagging himself. Or, at least that’s what I thought he was doing. I couldn’t understand why in the world he would be doing that.

Come to find out last night as he’s sitting on the couch with me and laughing- I see a tooth waaaay in the back, on top.

My poor little baby has been so cranky and obviously teething, and my slow brain never put two and two together. I guess I figured the next teeth to come in would be right next to the others, not hidden in the back. Silly mommy. Just goes to show how much I don’t know.

On an unrelated note, I had to post this picture of B making his fake crying face. It’s totally fake- he does this when he doesn’t get his way and then .2 seconds later he’s happy and laughing again.

Too. Funny.

One Response to “I’m *so* observant”

  1. Brianna March 21, 2011 at 11:42 am #

    I don’t know where they learn these things?! G has a face like that too, also totally fake.

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