Slides and squeakers, oh my!

12 May

We knew Braxtyn liked slides. You know, the little 1 1/2 foot ones that are part of a “play set” that can fit in your living room. Apparently though while we were away on vacation grandpa took B to the big kids park and he fell in love. Not only with the park itself but with the big kids slide. We heard he climbed up and went down on his butt all by himself like a big boy. Then, as the story goes, I guess he almost gave grandpa a heart attack by diving face first down the slide.


I wasn’t prepared for that when we took B to the park last night. I waited at the bottom of the slide to catch him while daddy walked him up the stairs. As he got to the top I expected him to keep sitting on his booty and slide down. Instead- he dove head first 50 mph (ok, that may be a mommy exaggeration, but that’s how I felt!) down the slide.

& insisted on doing it that way again, and again, and again, and again. (We even took him on a bigger slide. Like BIG. I wouldn’t even go down that thing! ((I’m a leeeeetle afraid of heights mmmkay??)) But I didn’t get it on the Flip cam.)

My sister-in-law has a wonderful at home business 4 Inspiration (check it out sometime!) where she sells these “Squeaker Shoes”. I had never heard about them before, but once I did I had to have a pair! She sent me a few different styles. The first time I put them on Braxtyn he cried. Cried!  He froze to the spot he was standing and cried pitifully. He was scared of them. I couldn’t believe it! How could he have been afraid of a squeaky toy noise?! We put them away for a few weeks until I brought them back out a couple days ago.

Now he loves them.

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