4 Aug
  • Since my job got cut down from 3 days a week to 2, I’ve decided that B and I are going to do more than just hang out around the house and be lame all day. We’re going to read, go jogging (Me. Him in the stroller- obvi’s), go to the beach, trips to the park (with ice cream after of course!), do some arts and crafts, and lots and lots of other fun things.

Ohhhh yes, it’s that time. Potty training! For the past month or so Braxtyn has been getting a clean diaper and bringing it to us every time he ::ahem:: poos- and he hands it to us and says, “Poo poo”. Time to start the toilet training, so I bought him this cute little toilet that sings when he does his business in it. We’ll see how it goes.

  • & last but not least- I got a “new” vehicle, finally! I am so beyond excited because trust me- driving around a 2000 Dodge Neon with a toddler is just not cool. It was old, and not to mention I couldn’t fit any gear in the trunk. The biggie was the jogging stroller and I am so glad that I can now get Braxtyn in and out of the car without slamming his head on the roof 😦 Whoops.

A 2008 Saturn Vue. I love it because it’s the best size. I wanted an SUV but not too big and these are perfect.

Stock photo? Yes. I was too lazy to go to the garage & take a pic- but mine looks exactly the same, color and everything.

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