How many times can I say pumpkin in this post ??

23 Sep

I was all super excited this year cuz it will be Braxtyn’s first attempt at playing with a pumpkin.

We were grocery shopping the other day and there was a big display of pumpkins at the store, and Braxtyn pointed to them and said, “Ball!” I said, “No, sweetie. That’s a pumpkin.” He pointed again and was like, “BALL!!” So of course I had to buy him one so I could make pumpkin seeds and watch him get all messy with the gooey pumpkin guts to teach him what a pumpkin is.

All day long he pointed at the pumpkin and I would say, “Yup- that’s a pumpkin. We have to wait till daddy gets home to play with it.” Then he would point at the husbands picture on the wall and point at the pumpkin. “Yup, we have to wait for daddy to get home.”

Point at daddys picture, point at pumpkin, picture, pumpkin, picture, pumpkin, over & over & over. ALL. AFTERNOON. LONG.

It was really cute and by time daddy got home Braxtyn was so excited to play with the pumpkin. I stripped him down to his diaper and plonked him on the counter…..

I wasn’t exactly expecting this look of disgust from him. Aren’t boys supposed to like playing in messy stuff?

He warmed up to it after a couple of minutes, & he was super good at sorting the seeds.

Such a good little helper.

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