1 Nov

Braxtyn definitely had fun trick or treating with his cousin last night. After the first house he got the hang of it and started running down the driveways to get to the next place.

I was also super excited because a picture of him in his costume ended up on the news last night and this morning. See the cool thing about having a blog as a virtual scrap-book? I can actually put the part of the newscast on here! Can’t do that with a paper scrapbook 😉 Here it is, his picture shows up about 40 seconds in:

I know, I’m a dork.


After the candy gathering we headed back to my aunt’s house to try out the candy and play with toys. Well… the kids did anyway.

He had his first ever candy bar: A kit kat.

Oh & also, as I was typing up this post I heard a loud crash. Yup. Braxtyn dove head first out of his crib for the first time as well. Looks like he’s going to be sleeping in his converted toddler bed tonight! Ooooh, this should be fun….

One Response to “Halloween”

  1. loveruels2011 November 1, 2011 at 5:49 pm #

    aww I’m glad he had a good Halloween!!! I can’t believe he already needs a toddler bed!!! wow he is growing so fast!!

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