10 Nov

This time of year is always super busy for me with holidays and birthdays up the ying yang. <— Seriously, whoever invented that saying makes me laugh.

Anyway… this weekend we are taking Braxtyn to Chuck E. Cheeses because for 1) I never got to go there when I was a little kid and 2) Braxtyn hasn’t been there yet. I’m hoping to take my niece also. ((You never know what kind of bullies are lurking in the ball pit & I want to make sure B has someone nice to play with.))

Tuesday I am getting Braxtyns 2 year pictures snapped. ::Crossing my fingers that he cooperates:: I can’t believe that he will be 2 in only 14 short days!!

The following week is called “Birthday Week”, because Wednesday is my 27th birthday and Thursday is Braxtyn’s. Thursday is also Thanksgiving which I am hosting at my house this year so remind me not to have too many glasses of wine on my birthday, mmmkay??


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