I have a 2 year old

25 Nov

Seriously, crazy!

Braxtyn’s birthday was pretty low-key. I had family over for Thanksgiving and then B opened his gifts. It was more fun this year since he could actually open them himself. I think he almost had more fun ripping the paper off them than the actual gifts themselves. Almost.


Dinner, mmmm! Do you think he ate any of that?! Nope, terrible two’s have struck right on time, food on plate = food on ground. Gotta love it.

Special chocolate banana balloon shaped cake that Grandma made for him. Of course he ate that!

Biiiiig present from Grandpa & Grandma J.

Squeaky puppy from Grandma L was the favorite of the night.


Between my birthday, my sister getting married, going out, Braxtyn’s birthday and Thanksgiving in the past 48, I’m a lil tired… just saying.

2 Responses to “I have a 2 year old”

  1. Brianna November 25, 2011 at 3:31 pm #

    Happy Birthday to you and B!

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