It’s called broke & I’m not talking money

24 Aug

Sooooo, our laptop we got: broke.

Our Blu-ray player: broke.

Our DVR: broke.

See a theme here? Electronics hate us.

I mean, seriously- we had the laptop (which is second-hand but not old from a friend) for what? 1 month. Maybe 1.5? It’s a really expensive one that he didn’t use anymore so we bought it for super cheap and it worked perfectly fine up until a couple of weeks ago. So now I’m back to barely blogging and cell phone pictures. Argh!

Don’t even get me started on the Blu-ray player. Who knows what’s wrong with that thing. DVDs just skip around and don’t want to play. (It’s not the DVDs either- we have a PS3 that we use for movies also and they work perfectly fine with it.)

Then there’s the DVR. It freezes up when you try to fast forward it through commercials. (Uhhhh… isn’t that one of the benefits of a DVR?!)

Needless so say I’m a little agitated that all of our electronics are going crazy and breaking all of a sudden.

On a side note, we are trying to plan a little mini vacay before it starts getting cool out. We’re thinking Chicago since there will be more stuff for B to enjoy there than any place else we could think of. The aquarium, zoo, maybe a museum. So hopefully that will happen within the next month or so.

Some random pictures: Why not?

Jamming on his “new” keyboard at grandpa and grandmas. (It was actually mine when I was younger, my sister found it and I can’t believe it still works! My husband is thrilled- hahaha.)

Enjoying some popcorn with mommy’s friends.


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