Alive & well

14 Jan

I haven’t blogged in a while. Like, an actual blog post, I feel like. I don’t know what it is about this time of year, November, December, January, that I start blog slacking, but it happens. Birthdays, holidays, sickness, boredom, something along those lines. I have all these ideas for blog posts going through my head at nights and then when morning comes my internet goes out, or someone’s sick, or there’s something going on that I just can’t make it work.

Last week the husband was sick. Then Braxtyn caught it and got sick. Me? I started eating my Zicam like it was going out of style; because I get sick if my dog sneezes. Seriously, that’s how easily I seem to catch a cold. But by some miracle I did NOT GET SICK. What?! Trust me, I was ecstatic. It’s hard enough taking care of a sick family, but every mom knows it’s even harder when you’re down on your health yourself. But then….

Yes, there is a ‘but then’ here. But then, I had to stop ignoring these stomach pains I have got off and on for the past ohhhhh, I don’t know…. let’s say 5 or 6 months.

I know, I know, I know! Naughty Elle Jay. I’m not usually one to ignore my medical problems. I had been getting sharp pains in my abdomen area for a while now, but I always brushed it off because after an hour or so it would go away. It wouldn’t happen everyday, and so I just pretended I wasn’t concerned about it. But Wednesday I got them again, and they wouldn’t go away like usual. So the next day I made a doctor appointment. (Don’t worry, it’s nothing serious.)

But listen to this list of things I CAN’T have right now:

No alcohol (not a big deal, staying away from it anyway)

No caffeine (My tea! My coffee! Nooooo!)

No pop

No citrus

No chocolate (No chocolate!! What?!)

No gum or mints

& NO SPICY FOODS (YAH! 95% of my diet! I’m dyin’ of hunger over here!)

Well, guess what? After 3 days of being on the medicine he gave me and avoiding these foods, the sharp, lingering, stabbing pains in my stomach (which he said wasn’t an ulcer either. Honestly, I can’t remember what he said it might be… I know, that’s terrible! I was trying to entertain Braxtyn while listening to the Doc at the same time) have subsided.

I am relieved. It got so bad this weekend that I didn’t want to get up off the couch and move or do anything at all. I’m happy, happy, happy it’s nearly vanished, but what does this mean for my love of chocolate, spicy foods, mint gum and slightly caffeinated beverages? We shall see…..

Sunday we HAD to get out of the house, and since Braxtyn seemed to be feeling better we took a trip to the bounce house. Wheeeee!




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