I have an issue

5 Aug

I have a problem with this ecard that’s been making the rounds on the internet lately. I know it’s supposed to be funny (maybe) and make lazy people feel better (maybe- my point of view), but I find it a little offensive.


Really? I know I’m taking this more seriously than I probably should be, but I really think that this is a bit of a slap in the face to moms who actually keep a clean house and have happy children. In all honestly, I feel like whoever invented this saying was just looking for an excuse to be a slob. Just because you have children is no excuse to not clean your house. And just because you clean your house, doesn’t mean you neglect/don’t play with/ignore your children.

It’s called running a household and if you can’t multi-task while you have children in your presence well…. maybe you shouldn’t have them to begin with, because having a child is all about multi-tasking!


Now this is more my speed:


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