Only a mother

23 Aug

This is something probably only a mother of her own child would find amusing, but you know how it is, I have to document these things to be able to embarrass my little munchkin later on when he’s a *gasp* teenager (which isn’t going to be for a long, long time!!)

Wednesday I took Braxtyn to the beach (only the 3rd time we have gone this summer, the weather just hasn’t been very good for beach going unfortunately). Also unfortunately, we only got to stay for about 30 minutes before he announced he had to go potty. Not number 1 though, number 2.

13 - 213 - 113 - 3

Well, if I had known how badly he needed to go number 2, I would have gladly held him up as he hovered over the port-a-potty, but I thought he would be able to hold it for the 20 minute drive home.

I was very wrong. Bad mommy. Needless to say we had a little accident on the drive home, totally my fault. Now, you’re probably wondering what in the world was so amusing about that- well, I had to find a silver lining somewhere in this mess!

For the next few hours, Braxtyn kept declaring that he had *quesadilla. “Mama, my tummy hurts, I have quesadilla.” Followed by the saddest face you’ve ever seen. Broke my heart, but also, just a little, I couldn’t help but giggle.

*quesadilla= diarrhea (you’re welcome 😉 )

2 Responses to “Only a mother”

  1. Becky August 25, 2013 at 11:14 pm #

    lol. That’s cute. Well maybe not cute but something like that. haha. Sounds like a good embarrassing story to tell his future girlfriend!

    • ellejay419 August 26, 2013 at 11:33 am #

      Oh yah, gotta have a collection for when he get’s older!

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