11 more weeks

11 Oct

Sooooo, is it odd that I’m scared to have a baby, even though I’ve already been through this and done it before?

I mean, last time I didn’t know what to expect (even from hearing stories and reading about it, no matter what, you really don’t know what to expect seeing as how every woman is different) and I wasn’t nearly as terrified as I seem to feel this time. Annnnd I even had an easy labor/delivery where everything went pretty smoothly last time.

So maybe that’s why I’m so freaked out. I mean, I had it simple last time- how can that possibly happen again?! But please, oh please, happen again!

I know there’s no use in worrying about it, I just find it weird that I feel scared when I’ve already done this (without any problems) before. Tell me I’m just being pregnant woman crazy 😉

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