Out & about

19 Apr

Yesterday I took both boys to the mall which I have never attempted before because it just sounded so daunting.

But it was good!

Everyone always seems to say that it’s easier to go places when your baby isn’t mobile, but I find that isn’t really true; because the smaller they are, the more stuff you have to lug around. Car seat, stroller, diaper bag, your stuff, oh- and don’t forget your toddler too!

Callahan is just now big enough to sit up in the umbrella stroller and chill so it was a successful trip and the boys were both so good. I went to a couple of stores and let Braxtyn play at the mall play center for a while which is one of his favorite things to do. I love how little kids can just start playing together even though they are essentially strangers and get along so well- it’s so sweet.


A+ boys.





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