Future fireman

28 Sep

Yesterday one of the fire stations in our city had a kids day so my cousin and I took our boys (and a couple of friends). Firetrucks, sirens, firefighters, I mean- that’s pretty much every little boys dream to hang out around all these cool things and people! Needless to say, the boys loved it.

They got to sit inside a fire truck, go in the bouncy house, put out a real fire with an extinguisher, go into a “smokey” room and learn how to get down on their hands and knees and crawl if they ever find themselves in a fire, ride on a real fire truck, and put out a pretend fire with the fire hose.

Braxtyn had so much fun he could hardly contain himself to tell Steve about it when he got home, it was so cute. Very thankful for all the people who put it on because it wasn’t just fun (although don’t tell B that!) he learned a lot about fire safety as well.


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