17 Nov

Argh, I really need to catch up with this stuff! Holiday season and all though, ya know.

Callahan had his very first hair cut last Wednesday and was such a star. He sat patiently on my lap and got his hair trimmed for his pictures this week.

CAM032281 CAM032291

Tonight he also grabbed the spoon out of my hand while I was feeding him and started feeding himself! We’re still doing the purée baby food and usually once a day (if that…) but apparently that’s enough for him to know what to do. He was like, “Hey mom, I’ve been watching you do this for months. I got this.” He knew how to dip the spoon in and didn’t miss his mouth. He fed himself half the bowl and shrieked when I took the spoon away to try to wipe some off his face. I think we have a feisty one here!

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