CIO Night 2

3 Dec

I went out to dinner with some friends, meaning Steve had to put Callahan down for bed. On the second night of CIO. Crazy right? I had long-standing plans though, so it had to be done. I told him to feed him at 7, then get his bedtime routine started after that.

I got a text message while at dinner saying Callahan went down for bed. It had only taken 3 minutes.

Wait, what??!

Second night of his sleep training and hardly any protest? Methinks I may be the problem. Maybe dad should put him down for bed every night?? I think maybe he sees me coming back into the room to check on him as some sort of betrayal. Like, “Hey mom, I see you! Why aren’t you picking me up?? I’m crying! I’m going to cry louder and harder now because you’re just leaving me here.” Maybe? I don’t know. Only time will tell.

& it’s still early, but he’s doing so good this far.

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