Gain baby gain

12 Jan

Apparently delaying solids with Callahan caused some concern with his doctor. Since he’s nursing I didn’t start him on baby food until 6 months (technically they can start at 4 but it’s not necessary). At 6 months he didn’t seem too interested so I put it off for another month. At 7 months he was a little better with it, so between 7 and 8 months he had some solids, not every day.

He loves to nurse (well, what baby doesn’t really?) so it wasn’t a huge concern for me that he wasn’t eating “food” because he looks healthy, acts healthy, and is healthy. Between 8 months and now (13 months) he has learned to crawl. He has learned to walk run. & Callahan and Braxtyn never stop moving, playing, and chasing each other. Meaning that he’s burning a gazllion calories and that’s caused him to maintain his weight. He hasn’t gained any in 5 months which was odd to the doctor, so he had his blood drawn but everything is normal. His stats are good, he’s healthy, he doesn’t look malnourished in any way, he has tons of energy, he just needs to eat more.

So that’s my dilemma. He’s not used to eating finger foods, texture is a huge thing when a baby is used to eating smooth, liquid foods. The doctor wants him back in 2 weeks for another weigh in, but it’s not like I can start him off eating chicken fingers and steak. We’re working on the puffs which dissolve quickly in the mouth and he’s pretty good with those. Cherrios are about as dense food as I can get him to eat right now. I’ve tried super thin bread with cream cheese and jelly, pancakes, cheese, but so far he’s either gagged and thrown up on those or flat out refuses to eat them.

We’ll keep working on the big boy foods and fingers crossed when he goes back to his doctor next week that he’s gained some weight!

2 Responses to “Gain baby gain”

  1. andy1076 January 12, 2015 at 10:20 am #

    Here’s hoping! maybe he just needs a little time 🙂

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