Beach Day

2 Jun

We took the husbands day off as an opportunity to go to the beach on the holiday weekend. Last summer he was working so much that we didn’t even have a chance to make it to the lake- which is super sad since we only live 15 minutes away. It’s such a challenge though when you have small children (3 at that!) I wasn’t brave enough to do it alone last year, especially with Colette being an infant. Speaking of, it was her first time to the beach and she loved it. Me being me, of course I was concerned about the sand and her either a) trying to eat it or b) rubbing it in here eyes- but neither happened. She splashed in the water and kept trying to go out by herself which kept daddy busy! The boys played in the sand and water a bit. Typically it’s very windy so I’m usually miserable because the wind keeps me cold and the flying sand irritates my eyes. But it was PERFECTION. No high winds, it was hot but enjoyable. Pretty much a perfect beach day.




Moving On Up

1 Jun

Callahan completed his first official year of school last week. His first year of preschool was super successful. I was a bit worried, (why? I don’t know) but I don’t give my kids nearly enough credit; and he proved me wrong about my worrying and did completely awesome. I am so proud of this kid. His teacher said he is extremely smart and very, very, imaginative. I have to agree.


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Catch Up

31 May

In one picture per month, Colettes first year until now:


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30 May

So, it’s been awhile. I know. Like, over a year, eeek. I would love to get back into blogging regularly. And I know I said that before. Probably last year when I appeared for a few posts because I hadn’t blogged in a very long time. Buuuut, I do mean it this time. Poor Coco is going to be so left out when she’s old enough to read and realize that brothers Braxtyn and Callahan have a whole corner of the internet devoted to them and there’s only a brief mention of her. SO, here I go again- hence the new blog name. It seemed only fair to rename this journal. It went from ‘The Braxtyn Files’ to ‘The Braxtyn & Callahan Files’, and finally to ‘Roses & Roughhousing’ (The Braxtyn, Callahahan, and Colette Files’ is just a bit of a mouthful, don’t you think?)

Here’s a new picture to kick things off:



Big Brothers/Little Sister

27 Mar

I seriously melt when I see all 3 of my kids together. I never thought I would actually have a daughter- I thought for sure this one would be another boy but I am sooo grateful to finally have a princess in the family!


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2 Weeks young

25 Mar

2 weeks young


Princess Colette



That’s a wrap! Done w/ this photo shoot

Baby Spam

20 Mar

Since Miss Colette is just a little over a week old I figured I would share some of the pictures I’ve taken in the past week: