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The Nursery

27 Feb

Most people who know me know decorating’s my thing. & it’s not to say that boys are boring or there’s not as much variety when it comes to putting together a nursery for a baby boy- but let’s be honest here; you don’t get much more girly than me. When I found out baby number 3 was a girl, let’s just say I was super excited to finally be able to design a nursery that was 100% girly girl.


I picked out the crib bedding first, and once I had found the perfect one I designed the decor around that. I had picked out this particular set even before I knew if she was a girl or a boy because hey, you have to be prepared. (Or maybe it was wishful thinking, who knows!)


I also designed the nursery in a way that she can grow into it. It’s definitely not babyish, but it has a soft color palette. Financially (& aesthetically) I don’t see the point in creating nursery’s that have themes that can’t grow with a child. If you have to change the decor in a short year or 2 it just seems like a waste of money and work and I love that theoretically she will be able to be happy with the way this room looks into her teens.



This crib set is a peachy/pink color. I never would have thought I’d have gone with a peach but it totally works with what I had in mind for the look of the nursery.

Waverly Rosewater Glam Crib Bedding

Mini Chandelier

Crystal Pink Paint from Valspar


I love how subtle the stenciling is. This is the first time I’ve ever attempted to stencil and I absolutely love the way it turned out!

Damask Stencil

Rust-Oleum Metallic Accents in White Pearl Gloss



Did you know these floral letters sell for upwards of $100+ on Etsy? Crazy! I made this one for under $30.


I bought this mirror from an antique store. I just added a touch of pink and shimmer paint to it.


This dresser used to be in my sons room. It was that icky orangy-wood color (although it worked in his room, I wanted something more neutral for the baby’s.) I had it spray painted a glossy white and I changed out the handles as well.

Silver Faceted Glass Handles




I bought these super cute prints from Etsy. I printed them out and went with a black and gold frame to really make them pop on the wall.




I had initially only bought 3 prints, and once I realized that wasn’t going to work I found that that the only other peach print left in the Etsy shop was a design I wasn’t interested in. Luckily I emailed the owner and she created the peach heart print for me, so shout out to SavvySilverArt!


This table was also the orangy-wood color. I chose different handles for this because I wasn’t sure if the dresser handles would be too big and bulky for such a small piece. (& yes- I did bling out the fan. They just don’t sell girly fans, what could I do?!)

Silver Drawer Pull

Vornado Air Circulator (Everyone knows how important it is to have circulating air in a nursery and since I went with a chandelier instead of a ceiling fan I bought this compact but very powerful fan for her room.)



I loved this shadow box from Hobby Lobby

White Wood Shadow Box Shelf



Pretty, girly decor that will last

Perfume Bottle

Glass Jewelry Holder




My favorite thing

20 Feb

I love to decorate. I’m not sure which I like more, buying clothes to wear or buying things to make my house feel pretty. It’s a pretty close tie!

Anyway, the past couple of years I’ve tried to slowly switch the decor of my house over from a darker, autumn feel to a lighter, brighter, happier springtime look.

I stumbled on these old pictures of our house from when we moved in 7 years ago, which is what prompted me to write this post. I can’t believe how much the feel has changed- and what a difference color can make!


Su-Casa-Bold-Colors-New-Home IMG_2966.preview IMG_2950.preview IMG_2945.preview


DSC_0288 DSC_0289 DSC_0291 DSC_0292

We actually painted the walls almost 4 years ago, but then I had to switch over my decorations because my India themed decor was definitely not going to look right with these colors. I would call this current style, French Country Cottage and Shabby Chic Glam. Yup, totally just mixed a few decorating styles together, but they’re pretty similar, so it works 🙂 & I may or may not be totally obsessed with this website.

I just couldn’t help it

19 Nov

Every year I faithfully wait until after Thanksgiving is over to start decorating for Christmas. Yet, Wednesday as I was flipping through the music channels on the T.V., I came across the Christmas stations. Already! Pssh, I was about to blow past them when it accidentally landed on the “Swingin’ Christmas” channel & Braxtyn started dancing! He’s never danced before! He was bobbing up and down and swaying back and forth.

We listen to music all the time. What was it about the Christmas music that got him dancing? I had no clue. But I had to leave it on. & then I started feeling all Christmasy and just couldn’t help myself. I dragged out the Christmas decor, blasted the music, and started decorating (with the help of B, of course.)

The only thing missing? Snow.

O…M…G… did I just say that??

I hate snow. I really, really do. Actually- I don’t think it’s the snow I hate. Snow is pretty, and sparkly. It’s the ice on the roads that it creates that I hate. But I just can’t get into the full Christmas spirit without a little snow.

Ew.. I can’t believe I just said that again. Ha! I better be careful what I wish for, cuz here in Michigan snow is a four letter word. I guess I can wait for the full Christmas experience a little while longer, as long as that means no snow.