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Big Brothers/Little Sister

27 Mar

I seriously melt when I see all 3 of my kids together. I never thought I would actually have a daughter- I thought for sure this one would be another boy but I am sooo grateful to finally have a princess in the family!


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Baby Spam

20 Mar

Since Miss Colette is just a little over a week old I figured I would share some of the pictures I’ve taken in the past week:


Family Pictures

8 Jun

We were finally able to get our family pictures done and they were edited super fast and came in the mail a few days later, thanks Kate! Here’s a few that will be up on our walls:

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Christmas Angels

23 Dec

I was just thinking that this is going to be our first Christmas without my dad. It’s been 6 months since he passed away, but of course the holidays make it harder. Last year he was actually in the hospital for Christmas, so the picture I posted is from 2 years ago, the last time we actually got to spend a Christmas together (& Braxtyn’s first one).

I just have to remember he is in a much, much better place; and I know he is watching over all of us. And for everyone else who has lost someone special, just remember that.

STOP asking me

14 Jul

It seems as soon as you pop out your first child people are all, “So are you ready for the next one? Hehehe.” & I’m all, “Hehehehehe- UP YOURS!!!” Not to be rude, but- who ever said there was going to be a “next one”?? Ok, ok. I might have said did say at one time that I wanted 3 kids. Well. That was before I was knocked up for 9 months with morning sickness, heartburn, (what the hell?! Literally.) headaches that you can’t do anything for, the urge to pee every .5 seconds, this, that and the other wrong with you PLUS the unbearable back pain that came in the last few weeks before the little miracle made his appearance….. ((I’m honestly not trying to discourage any potential first time mommy’s from anything *trust me- it’s well worth it* I’m just taking a jaunt down those nine months memory lane)) Ok. So maybe I did want more than one.

Then, the baby’s born and he’s pretty much the perfect child. He did have a slight case of colic but it must not have been that bad because he’s only 19 months now and I really can’t remember it! & I’m all… OMG. I could totally have like 5 of these things kids!

& then the perfect, little, miracle turns 1 year- and well… he starts to get a mind of his own ((that’s called “toddlerhood”)).

For me- that was my wake up call. I know many people who have children around Braxtyns age who already have another baby or have one on the way and I just can’t fathom it. Is it just me? Am I the only one who thinks it would be complete torture to have another child? Am I that weak? If everyone else can, why can’t I?? How come there are days like today where I want to rip my hair out, scream, slam cupboards and throw things because I feel so stressed out from taking care of one tiny toddler (a cute, smiling, albeit mischievous little man) yet there are other moms out there who can deal with much more? OR- who want to deal with much more? Does that make me a bad person? A bad mom?

I flip through the Parents magazine and see pictures of these cute little blonde haired toddler girls wearing sparkly, plaid shirts with pink tutus and I think, “It’s a mini me! I want one.” But then the other part of me remembers the past week and the ridiculous stress. How can some people have 2, 3, 4+ kids and not be going crazy at the end of the day? I mean- maybe they are, and they can handle it. Maybe it’s just not for me.

I guess that could change in a year. Or 5. Who knows? I’m just sick of feeling guilty for only wanting the one I have now, and maybe ever.

Cousin love

19 Jul

Braxtyn has lots of cousins. So far, only one on mommy’s side of the family, but on daddy’s he has seven.

This is a picture of Brax and cousin Torrance on the left. (Mommy’s side) & B with his cousin Reese on the right. (Daddy’s side)